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*Please be aware that there is a staff meeting prior to the start of both sessions which is mandatory for all staff members to attend
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Reference Name:
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Important things you should know:
  • Tznuis guidelines (cover your collarbone, knees and legs at all time. Counselors are expected to serve as role models to their campers)
  • We ask that each counselor make 2 nachas calls every week
  • Every staff member must hand in a W4 form in order to get paid, as well as Medical Form and Work papers in order to work in Camp.
  • Anyone staff member over the age of 16 and lives in the city (Far Rockaway, Bayswater, Queens, Brooklyn...) needs to apply to Youth Core. Please file the camp name under “Camp Revach”.
  • All staff is required to attend daily staff meetings 1/2 hour before the kids come, 8:30AM.
When finished filling out this application please be in touch with Mrs. Singer to schedule an interview. She can be reached on her cell phone 618-4-REVACH. Best way to get in touch is to text. All interviews take place at her house: 306 Felter Ave, Hewlett, NY 11557